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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How do I purchase YOR Health products?
To purchase YOR Health product you must first enroll as a Select Customer (SC) or a Registered Retail Customer (RRC). RRC enrollment is free and will allow you to purchase products at the normal retail rate. Select Customer enrollment gives you a discounted wholesale rate on all YOR Health products, and enables you to participate in the SC Rewards Program. Select Customer enrollment requires a one time $50.00 USD lifetime membership fee.
- Enroll online today!

Q. How do I get to my Customer Administration website?
Your Customer Administration website can be found at the following url:
- www.yor.com/admin

Q. What is the refund policy for YOR Products?
Refund policies are listing under the Legal section.
For direct links please click one of the following:
- Select Customer Refund Policy
- Registed Retail Customer Refund Policy

Q. How do I track my orders?
Your orders can be tracked via your Customer Administration website.
- First, login to your admin website here: www.yor.com/admin
- Then, navigate to the "Track Orders" section. Once on the Track Orders page you will be able to track current orders and view your previous order history.

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